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You are the Chosen One mentioned in the legends. You must retrieve the 5 Shards which are hidden throughout the world. In doing so you will encounter many evil creatures.

This game is an RPG and my first ever game. I have spent many hours to make this game so I hope it will be successful. My goal is to release this game and if it is received well I will be making the prequel which I planned before I had even finished the first game.

This game has now been turned into the demo of the new game I will be developing. Many of the things in the demo will be in the full new version, however some may not. I have decided this due to the fact that before I was using a simpler version of the program and I now have many more features at my disposal.

Thank you in advance for buying my demo, or even just visiting this page. It really means a lot to me since I put so much effort into making this game.

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Thanks again,

-Eljacko Gaming

Published May 16, 2015
StatusOn hold
AuthorEljacko Gaming
GenreRole Playing